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Centre that does independent, policy-oriented research on the socioeconomic & geopolitical issues facing Muslim-majority states & communities, including relations with the USA; part of the Brookings Institution
Organisation that analyses complex policy problems & helps implement solutions for clients across the Middle East, North Africa, & South Asia; based in Doha; practice areas include child policy, civil justice, economic development, education etc
Organization in charge of implementing Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS); includes offices of research coordination & special projects, education, training & development, intellectual property & technology transfer etc
Organisation in Doha that provides client-focused research, information and consulting services on industrial and economic development issues of importance to governments and industrial customers in GCC states
Research centre focusing on aortic root studies, inherited heart muscle disease, Doha cardiac epidemiological studies & primary percutaneous coronary intervention; founded by Qatar Foundation, Hamad Medical Corp & Magdi Yacoub Research Network
Professional institute serving to raise security standards, knowledge, and cooperation within the Gulf region and across the world; offers academic training, consulting, does strategic & exclusive studies etc; based in Doha