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Country report on Qatar with a map; sections on geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues; statistics on gross domestic product, per capital income, oil production & consumption etc
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Section on Qatar in in the Looklex Encyclopaedia; sections on the political situation, economy, health, education, religions, peoples, history etc
Report on Qatar with special emphasis on its energy resources; third largest natural gas reserves, largest non-associated gas field in the world; site has details on general political and economic background, onshore and offshore oilfield development
Contains an overview of Qatar, its history, vital statistics, ruling family etc
Gives a brief history of Qatar's relations with the International Monetary Fund; has information on real GDP growth, consumer price inflation, exchange rate for the Qatari riyal, etc
Part of the US Library of Congress web site; sections: Qatar's historical setting, Islam, Wahhabi Islam, discovery of oil, geography, population, health, economy, money and banking, government and politics, the Al Thani family etc
Web site with information on entry and visa requirements for entering Qatar; a brief report on Qatar and its people, geography, history, culture, economy and government; travel tips; customs duties; vaccinations; etc
Section of the Human Rights Watch web site pertaining to the Middle East and Northern Africa including Qatar
A brief report about the spoken living languages of Qatar including Gulf Spoken Arabic, Standard Arabic, and Western Farsi
Has information about the history of the legal system, schools of fiqh, constitutional status of Islamic law, court system, relevant legislation, etc