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1 WWF UAE Tel: +971-2-634-7117
Web site of the Worldwide Fund for Nature in the UAE which works in association with the EWS (Emirates Wildlife Society) to implement conservation actions for the protection of local biodiversity
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Island with coral reefs & mangroves, located off the western coastline of Abu Dhabi; frequented by endangered birds & marine animals such as hawksbill turtles, dugongs, dolphins etc; part of the largest protected area in Abu Dhabi
3 Marine Turtle Conservation Project Tel: +971-2-634-7117
Research & satellite tracking programme to conserve marine turtles in 5 countries in the Gulf (UAE, Iran, Oman, Qatar, & Saudi Arabia), conducted by EWS-WWF; tracks 75 Hawksbill turtles over 3 years to determine migration routes & ideal habitat
Government-funded, global organisation dedicated to the preservation of the Houbara bustard, an endangered bird; oversees a network of affiliated global Houbara bustard conservation projects & Houbara captive breeding programmes