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1 City Pharmacy Tel: +971-2-632-3016
Company engaged in the distribution of pharmaceuticals; also distributes medical, laboratory and dental equipment and instruments and services and maintains them; has four showrooms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah
2 NMC Healthcare Tel: +971-2-633-2255
Airport Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE    Map
Business group engaged in many businesses; runs hospitals, food companies, distributes pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, fast moving consumer goods, commodities (agricultural products, cement), runs restaurants etc
3 Pasteur Central Laboratories UAE Tel: +971-2-446-7034
Al Karama Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE    Map
Trading company for the sales and promotion of analytical, laboratory and petroleum-testing equipment; member of the Bin Moosa Group
4 Business Communications LLC Tel: +971-4-222-0186
Dubai-based suppliers of scientific equipment (medical, material testing, analytical, surveying, educational and leisure) like electron microscopes, spectrometers, rotary evaporators, theodolites, auto-levels, etc; subsidiary of Dutco Tennant
5 Technical Scientific Enterprises Tel: +971-2-6727-888
Abu Dhabi firm dealing in medical, analytical, scientific and laboratory equipment and supplies; principals: Barnstead, Thermolyne, Lab-Line, Electrothermal, Harvey, Turner, Foss-Electric, Foss-Tecator, Cole-Parmer, Hamilton Bonaduz AG, leica etc
6 TM Lab Systems LLC Tel: +971-2-676-6288
Providers of laboratory furniture systems, steel laboratory casework, stainless steel lab furniture, laboratory worktops, service fittings, storage systems, fume hoods, safety cabinets etc; based in Abu Dhabi