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1 Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi Tel: +971-2-445-4777
Murour Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE    Map
Government agency with the overall function of protecting and conserving the environment as well as promoting sustainable development in the emirate of Abu Dhabi; assists in implementing environmental laws
2 WWF UAE Tel: +971-2-634-7117
Web site of the Worldwide Fund for Nature in the UAE which works in association with the EWS (Emirates Wildlife Society) to implement conservation actions for the protection of local biodiversity
Web site of the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi; sections include air quality index, measurements, air pollution, health effects, regulations & news
Government-funded, global organisation dedicated to the preservation of the Houbara bustard, an endangered bird; oversees a network of affiliated global Houbara bustard conservation projects & Houbara captive breeding programmes
Al Mamoura Building A, Murour Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE    Map
Initiative by the Abu Dhabi government to enhance data quality that would improve the environmental policy and decision-making process; site has document libraries, picture libraries etc
6 Arab Water Academy (AWA) Tel: +971-2-693-4742
Academy in Abu Dhabi created with the aim of becoming a regional centre of excellence for executive education in water; offers programmes in water diplomacy, water governance, utility reform, non-conventional water resources etc
Non-profit organisation for individuals with an interest in the natural history of the UAE and Oman; site has info on archaeology, botany, geology, insects, mammals, marine life, natural history, ornithology, reptiles etc